I am David A. Jeffrey, PhD, founder of Dual Science Solutions (DSS). With over thirty years of relevant experience as a consulting environmental scientist, I am committed to providing the highest quality services, expertise, and recommendations to my clients with environmental liabilities.


While my practice primarily focuses on environmental health risk assessment, other services include:  Fate and Transport evaluations and computer modeling/simulations, Third Party Review, Litigation Support including Expert Witness, Phase 2 Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAPs), Project Management, Agency Negotiations, Public Meetings, and other aspects of environmental site management.

My commitment is to Sound Science, which is why I am equally comfortable providing services to plaintiff or defense counsel, or to a regulatory agency or a Responsible Party (RP).  This approach best serves our client's long-term interests, and provides a platform for planning strategic business decisions.


I also encourage you to view the brief video included on this site page to learn more about risk assessment processes, site management requirements, and beneficial services I can provide.