Hello. My name is David Jeffrey, Ph.D, and I am the founder and Principal Scientist of Dual Science Solutions, LLC (DSS). I have a Ph.D in organic chemistry and have been educated at the State University of New York, Harvard, Berkeley, and Stanford. 


At DSS, I offer tutoring services in subject areas of chemistry, organic chemistry, and environmental science, in addition to the environmental consulting services I provide to my clients. 


Learning chemistry at any level can be a challenging undertaking, no question. But it is far from the impossible task of its reputation. Over my 35-year career in the chemical sciences, I have been successful in substantially helping students gain an understanding of chemistry and improve test scores. 

In my many years of teaching and tutoring, I have taught at the middle school, high school, accelerated high school (AP/IB), and college/university levels under the following curricula: U.S. Common Core, NGSS, State of Georgia, AP, IB, and New Brunswick/Canada. This extensive body of academic experience along with my professional scientific background allows me to provide students with highly effective teaching and tutoring. 

I am also a Google Certified Educator, and am very comfortable with a wide suite of “edtech” tools, including: Zoom, Skype, Google Docs, Google Classroom, Kahoot, Quizlet, PhET simulations, and many others. I have extensive experience in ‘flipping the classroom’, ‘project-based learning’ (PBL), and other modern and effective pedagogical methods. In this time of social distancing, I am able to deliver high-quality tutoring services within a safe environment. 


If you find yourself struggling in chemistry, know that you're not alone!  I have seen many fine students over the years hit a wall when it comes to courses in the chemical sciences. 

I encourage you to view the brief video I have included on this site page which highlights the many benefits of learning through my teaching approach, and dispels some of the myths and perceived challenges in successfully gaining an understanding of chemistry.


If you are in need of  assistance in chemistry, organic chemistry, or environmental science, I am confident that I can help you.